PCIe max_desc_page_size issue

once running 'hailortcli run test.hef" I get following warning message:
[HailoRT] [warning] Requested desc page size (512) is bigger than max on this host (256).

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Some hosts doesn’t support certain PCIe descriptor page size.
in order to over come this issue you can do one of the following:

  1. remove the module and the install it back with force_desc_page_size=256
modprobe -r hailo_pci modprobe hailo_pci force_desc_page_size=256
  1. add the below under /etc/modprobe.d/hailo_pci.conf:
options hailo_pci force_desc_page_size=256

Similar error can also be seen while trying to inference using pyhailoRT:
[HailoRT] [error] CHECK_AS_EXPECTED failed - max_desc_page_size given 16384 is bigger than hw max desc page size 4096"

In this case the solution is the same as mentioned in the previous post, just set the max_desc_page_size to the relevant size mentioned in the error (e.g. 4096)