Memory size frame count mismatch

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I recently received the Raspberry Pi PCIe Accelerator Module with the Hailo-8L and was able to run the examples from the rpi5-examples and the Hailo Application Code Examples (GitHub - hailo-ai/Hailo-Application-Code-Examples). However, suddenly I get the an error when running any of the examples from Hailo Application Code Examples. This specific error happens when running the object detection example. I downloaded the correct hef for the Hailo-8L from the model zoo repository.

[HailoRT] [error] CHECK failed - Memory size of vstream yolov7/input_layer1 does not match the frame count! (Expected 1228800, got 0)

I can successfully run the hef using hailort-cli run. Does anybody have any pointers to what I am doing wrong?

Hey @stefan.funariu

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is this the python or CPP examples ?
Please add the exact application you are running and make sure that the repo is updated , if you are using python on the rpi5 ( hailo_platform) it is not yet supported , will be enabled soon.


Hello Omri

Thank you for your response. Yes, I was indeed trying to run the python examples. I was able to build and run the C++ examples, which are working fine.

I look forward to Python support on the Pi 5 and will be using the C++ API for my stuff.

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