HailoRT Python API Numpy version support

Hi guys,
With python 3.11 Numpy version 2.0.0 is now available.
Note that this version is not supported by pyHailoRT.
pyHailoRT officially supported version is numpy==1.23.3

This may cause errors for example something like this:

[HailoRT] [error] CHECK failed - Memory size of vstream yolov8s_pose/input_layer1 does not match the frame count! (Expected 4915200, got 0)
[HailoRT] [error] CHECK_SUCCESS failed with status=HAILO_INVALID_ARGUMENT(2)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/giladn/tappas_apps/repos/Hailo-Application-Code-Examples/runtime/python/pose_estimation/p3.11_venv/lib/python3.11/site-packages/hailo_platform/pyhailort/pyhailort.py", line 948, in infer
    self._infer_pipeline.infer(input_data, output_buffers, batch_size)
hailo_platform.pyhailort._pyhailort.HailoRTStatusException: 2