Reproducing Power Benchmarks


I’m looking forward to purchasing a few of the starter kits!

A couple of newbie questions:

-I’d like to know if and how I can reproduce the power benchmarks using the starter kit. I’m referring to the power benchmarks shown on this page - AI Benchmarks: Evaluating Hailo 8 Accelerator Performance. Are there are power benchmarks for the starter kits than are significantly different than the ones shown on that page?

-That page indicates that you acquired the benchmarks using an Intel i5 host- which suggests the power benchmarks are not the entire system+host but just the board itself. Is that correct? If so, how did you acquire the power consumption of just the board. Can I get that from the board itself or do I also need to purchase external measurement equipment?

Thanks again!

Welcome to the Hailo Community!

The Hailo-8 and Hailo-8L M.2 modules contain an INA device that allows measuring the power. This can be as easy as using the HailoRT CLI.

hailortcli run model.hef --measure-power

You can also measure the power independently e.g., while you are running an application.

This command will take one sample.

hailortcli measure-power

You get more options with

hailortcli measure-power --help

Measuring for 10 seconds averaging over 16 samples.

hailortcli measure-power --duration 10 --averaging-factor 16

You can add this to your own application using the HailoRT API. Have a look at the HailoRT User Guide and the Python Power Measurement Tutorial in the Hailo AI Software Suite.

Note that the INA is an optional component and is not available on all hardware platforms.

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hey @gwilliams ,

You can check out the expected performance for common networks here : Raspberry pi 5 with Hailo-8L expected performance