Python inference for Raspberry Pi 5

I’ve seen the Raspberry Pi 5 examples but they all seem to use GStreamer.

Is there a way to run inference using the Python API on the Raspberry Pi 5 with the Hailo 8L module?

The examples from Hailo-Application-Code-Examples don’t seem to work on the Raspberry Pi 5 after installing the hailo-all package as explained in the tutorial, giving the error “module hailo_platform not found”.

Hey @francesco,

Welcome to the Hailo Community.

The current examples do not work because of the Python API, as the Python support is not yet available on Raspberry Pi. However, we are preparing a new release that will include Python API support and updated examples for the Raspberry Pi 5. This new version will be available soon.

Please stay tuned for the upcoming release, which will address this issue. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out.

Best regards,