Does python package 'hailo_platform' support on raspberry pi 5?


I already try hailo-rpi5-examples
all examples work perfectly.

But when I try to run those examples on raspberry pi 5:
Hailo-Application-Code-Examples runtime:python

But have error:
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘hailo_platform’

Is ‘hailo_platform’ supported?
Is raspi 5 must use with GStreamer?
What is the different about package ‘hailo’ and ‘hailo_platform’?

I am so confused.

what I want to do is use it with picamera2 , Are there examples code work with picamera2?


Hi @mwkldeveloper,
We made a few small changes to adapt and optimize our runtime for the rpi5, specifically on the python bindings. So the general examples from HACER at the moment do not work on the pi. We are working to convereg these.