Getting Started Guide on python for raspberry pi 5


Is there a guide on how to load and run inference on models with the Hailo8L on the raspberry pi from a python perspective? I have seen the demo files working with a camera and video files but am interested in a step by step guide of how to do this?


Welcome to the Hailo Community!

Did you look at the examples from our GitHub repository?

GitHub Hailo rpi5 examples

Yep, have been through those and the raspberry pi’s own one. I am looking for a guide so I can setup a model and then do inference on it.

Hey @daveedwards1979 ,

We have the examples provided in :

These examples provide ways on how to do inference for several types of operations and also provide the hefs with them .

if you want to get the models you can also use the hailo model zoo :

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Hi, Thanks very much, this is much more helpful :slight_smile: