M.2 Hailo 8 heatsink

Chip on M.2 module requires a heatsink?

Hello @Daniel1,

Regarding the chip’s thermal management:

  1. Heat sink: Not required, but optional.
  2. Thermal pad: Recommended and sufficient for basic heat dissipation.

Using a heat sink can provide additional cooling benefits, but it’s not necessary for standard operation. A thermal pad alone should meet the basic thermal management needs of the chip.



I wonder about one thing.
No Heatsink recommended ??
Maybe active cooler is not recommended as default not heatsink??


Hello @jy.han,

The chip has been thoroughly tested under high temperature conditions and heavy workloads without a heatsink, and it performed well. The thermal pad is mandatory and is included with the kit for this reason. While adding a heatsink is always beneficial for thermal management, it is not strictly necessary for the chip to function properly. However, using the provided thermal pad is essential for optimal heat dissipation.


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