How to upgrade to pcie gen 3 in rpi5 with H8L M.2?

i have bought the new raspberry pi 5 with Hailo8L M.2.
does the Hailo8L support the pcie gen 3 ? and how to upgrade to it ?

yes the Hailo8L with raspberry pi supports the pcie gen 3.

1- open the file /boot/firmware/config.txt for edit

2- under the line dtparam=pciex1 add the following line

3- reboot rpi5

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I think you also have to enable it in raspi-config

Both ways are valid. config.txt is the file where the actual configuration settings are stored, while raspi-config is a tool that helps users modify those settings more easily. The changes made using raspi-config are often reflected in config.txt.

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