Does Hailo 8 work with raspberry pi 5?

Does Hailo 8 work with the pcie extension supporting M.2 key, utilizing 26 TOPS on my raspberry pi 5?

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The Raspberry Pi AI Kit for the Raspberry Pi 5 includes the Hailo-8L M.2 AI acceleration module , which delivers 13 TOPS of inferencing performance. The Hailo-8 M.2 module, is compatible with the M.2 HAT, but it’s not part of the AI Kit. These can be purchased online. For bulk orders, please reach out to us via our Product Inquiry. Happy experimenting! :blush:

Here is a link to a post with further information about different HATs for Raspberry Pi 5 that I have tested.

How to connect a Hailo-8 to the Raspberry Pi 5

Sorry for my ignorance, but is it possible to use Hailo-8L with Ollama.

@inluxc Please do not hijack other posts. That will make it harder to follow conversations.

We just announced the Hailo-10H accelerator that has been designed to run LLMs. Have a look at the Hailo webpage. It will take a little while until we will make it widely available. We are still working on model and software development.

I was not hijacking the post because I want to build with raspberry pi.

I’m a fan of both raspberry and Ollama.

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This week I received Raspberry AI kit from Pimoroni, currently I am using Raspberry pi 5 with SSD which is already using PCI cable also known as M2. How do I connect both SSD and this AI kit to M2 at the same time?

@ramkumarkoppu The Raspberry Pi 5 only has a single PCIe lane available to connect hardware. Therefore you can only connect a single PCIe device.

There are some M.2 HATs that have a PCIe switch where you can connect multiple PCIe devices to. They will share the bandwidth of the single PCIe lane. This will limit the performance of both devices.

I will receive one of these boards in the next day or so. I will let you know whether it works.

Hi, the Pimoroni NVME Duo base has been tested and it can run both NVME storage and the Hailo at the same time. I have just ordered one to come with my Hailo pre-order.

Hi, I will try it with duo, has anyone tried running quantized PyTorch or hugging face transformers with this AI kit along with raspberry pi 5? Is there any usage instructions?

Hi @ramkumarkoppu, you need to use models that were compiled for Hailo-8L HW, there are about 150 of these in the model-zoo. General PyTorch models cannot be executed on the AI-KIT.

What good this accelerator hardware purchase if I can’t convert my custom PyTorch models to onnx to run on it? may be it’s time to return the product

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Why would you think you could return a product after you had used it when it is operating as designed?

Do you work for this product manufacturer? Your response sounds your attitude towards your customers, now let’s come to the topic you raised: it’s as per design if you are marketing it as kids toy but not as development hardware kit

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Yes. It works. The hailo_yolov6_inference about 559 frame count

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