How can I use SSD and Hailo-8 together on Raspberry PI5?

Dear Community Members.

I want to use the Hailo-8 on an RPI5. According to the information I found, it can be used with the ‘Raspberry Pi AI Kit’ (I am currently waiting for this kit to arrive).

However, since the ‘Raspberry Pi AI Kit’ M.2 HAT+ only has one M.2 slot, I believe that the Hailo-8 and an SSD cannot be used together.

To use them simultaneously, I think I would need to use another PCIe board. Is this possible?

For example:

‘Geekworm X1004 PCIe to Dual 2280 NVMe SSD shield for Raspberry Pi 5’
‘Geekworm X1011 PCIe to Four M.2 NVMe SSD Board for Raspberry Pi 5’
If anyone has experience using these setups, could you please share your results? Additionally, are there any precautions or things to be aware of when using these boards?

Thank you in advance for your help.
Best regards.

Welcome to the Hailo Community!

That is correct.

This may be possible. The board will need a PCIe switch. One board from another vendor I tested prevents the SSD from booting. So this may require some experimentation.

The power from the Raspberry Pi 5 board to the HAT is limited. So, you may need to add extra power to the HAT.
The SSD and the Hailo-8L will need to share the PCIe bandwidth. Whether this affects your application only you can decide.
Check what PCIe gen the switch supports. Because you are sharing you want to use a PCIe gen 3 switch if possible.

Dear klausk,
Thank you for your response.

From your message, I have learned the following about using it in combination with an SSD:

  1. It needs to have two or more M.2 interfaces.
  2. Additional power may be required.
  3. PCIe Gen 3 is sufficient.

I recently discovered that the Hailo-8 AI usage information is available on the Geekworm homepage.

According to this, it seems that the X1004 or X1005 can be used in combination.
However, these models do not support PCIe Gen 3 and lack external power connectors.

I would like to obtain these models and compare them with the AI KIT, but the AI KIT is currently in short supply and difficult to obtain. I feel like I’ve completely missed the opportunity.

If I am able to make the comparison, I will definitely report back.

Thank you.