Building meta-hailo-soc fails for Actual rootfs size is larger than allowed


While adding some packages to your yocto I’m failing the do_image_wic task for:
ERROR: Actual rootfs size (133217 kB) is larger than allowed size 65536 kB

Why is there a limitation? How do I avoid this?


The reason you’re failing is probably related to the method you’re using for adding the image. Are you using IMAGE_INSTALL:append to add to the package?
If the answer is yes please changed to either CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL or IMAGE_INSTALL:append:pn-core-image-minimal.

The reason for the failure using IMAGE_INSTALL:append is that it adds the package to all images generated, which includes the SW Update image, on which the size constraint is applied. The limitation is there to make sure the SW Update partition could be kept to a minimum as its sole purpose is hosting the code that runs the SW update.