Cfg80211 kernel module not showing up


We’d like to use SDIO for WiFi.

For that, we’ve been trying to build the cfg80211 kernel module for WiFi adapter.
We noticed it was already enabled in the defconfig:

However, even though the module has been set to “m”, the final yocto image doesn’t contain the corresponding .ko:

Why doesn’t it show up?


As of 2024Q1, loadable kernel modules are not being added automatically to the image - The customer should explicitly add the desired package to the image.
Please add to your local.conf\layer.conf the following line (assuming they’re building core-image-minimal):

IMAGE_INSTALL:append:pn-core-image-minimal = " kernel-module-cfg80211"
The result should be the generation of the target image with -

This behavior might change in future releases.