How to build Yocto Image for TI TDA4?

In order to build a Yocto image for TI’s TDA4 with Hailo support please follow these instructions.

Build env: Ubuntu 20.04

tested release version:


Hailo meta: Hailort 4.17, Tappas 3.28

Yocto version: Kirkstone

Relevant link for TI’s site:

  1. Download the SDK installer


  1. Run the installer binary

  2. Run the following commands:

3.1. cd <sdk-path>

3.2. rm -rf yocto-build

3.3. sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get -f -y install \
git build-essential diffstat texinfo gawk chrpath socat doxygen \
dos2unix python3 bison flex libssl-dev u-boot-tools mono-devel \
mono-complete curl python3-distutils repo pseudo python3-sphinx \
g++-multilib libc6-dev-i386 jq git-lfs pigz zstd liblz4-tool \
cpio file zstd lz4

3.5. *select “No” when asked to use dash

3.6. sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash

3.7. git clone yocto-build

3.8. cd yocto-build

3.9. ./ -f configs/processor-sdk-analytics/processor-sdk-analytics-09.02.00-config.txt

3.10. cd build

3.11. . conf/setenv

3.12. *: “adas” if building the tisdk-adas-image, “edgeai” if building the tisdk-edgeai-image

echo 'EDGEAI_BRAND = "edgeai"' >> conf/bblayers.conf

3.13. *in case first build fails due to volkan, please run the build again.

3.14. MACHINE=j721e-evm bitbake -k tisdk-default-image

  1. Add the Hailo level

4.1. Under conf/bblayers.conf add

BBLAYERS += ” ${BSPDIR}/sources/meta-hailo/meta-hailo-accelerator \


BBLAYERS += ”${BSPDIR}/sources/meta-hailo/meta-hailo-tappas”

4.2. under conf/local.conf add:

IMAGE_INSTALL:append = ” hailo-firmware libhailort hailortcli hailo-pci libgsthailo”

IMAGE_INSTALL:append = ” libgsthailotools tappas-apps hailo-post-processes”

4.3. Add meta-hailo under sources directory

git clone -b kirkstone ../sources/meta-hailo

4.4. In latest release (V3.28.1) there is an issue with the which can be worked around as followed:

python () {
#if 'imx8' in d.getVar('MACHINE'):
d.setVar('REQS_FILE', d.getVar('REQS_IMX8_FILE'))
d.setVar('ARM_APPS_DIR', d.getVar('IMX8_DIR'))
# d.setVar('REQS_FILE', d.getVar('REQS_HAILO15_FILE'))
# d.setVar('ARM_APPS_DIR', d.getVar('HAILO15_DIR'))
# d.appendVar('DEPENDS', " libgstmedialib xtensor")

4.5. Rebuild the image

MACHINE=j721e-evm bitbake -k tisdk-default-image

The generated wic file can be found under: