Minimal rootfs with Yocto

When I did a CVE check according to this topic, about 9,600 cases were listed.
We can’t check all cases realistically.
Are there any plans to publish recipes for only the required packages related to Hailo?


We’re planning to make the core-image-minimal Yocto image live up to its name in the upcoming releases. This process will happen in phases, we’re expecting to have made some progress by end of March 24’, and get to the target size (which is not yet determined, but probably around 300MB) several releases afterwards.

I think this process is somewhat similar to what you’re looking for - you may then run
bitbake -g core-image-minimal to get a dot file containing the dependcies graph and extract the information from there, or the more human-friendly alternative of viewing the manifest file which shows all packages if this is sufficient for you. The manifest is located next to the generated .wic image, under build/tmp/deploy/images/

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Your plan is excellent, exactly what I want!! awesome.
Thank you very much for your reply.

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