Bbox error in optimize

Hello !

i run the model optimize with this command.

hailo optimize --calib-set-path my_calib.npy my_model.har

but i encountered a bbox error
how can i solve this problem?

( it’s based on model )

Hi @rhymus314,
It looks like you parsed the model and added the nms configuration to it. This means that you also need to provide it the relevant configuration when running optimization.
This can be done with the flag --model-script, and define in that model script, which will be an .alls script, the relevant configuration. In your case, you can find the configuration for yolov8s in the Hailo Model Zoo:
alls script - hailo_model_zoo/hailo_model_zoo/cfg/alls/hailo8/performance/yolov8s.alls at master · hailo-ai/hailo_model_zoo · GitHub
nms postprocess json - hailo_model_zoo/hailo_model_zoo/cfg/postprocess_config/yolov8s_nms_config.json at master · hailo-ai/hailo_model_zoo · GitHub

Please notice that you either need to provide the json config as a standalone file, and then the alls command would be like so:
nms_postprocess("/path/to/json/config/yolov8s_nms_config.json", meta_arch=yolov8, engine=cpu)
or take the default config, like so:
nms_postprocess(meta_arch=yolov8, engine=cpu)