Yolov8 custom model inference

How can i run custom yolov8 model? raspberry pi ai kit.

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You will need to convert the model using the Hailo Dataflow Compiler.

When you use the ModelZoo retraining for YOLOv8 you can also convert the model using the ModelZoo. The Hailo ModelZoo also uses the Hailo Dataflow Compiler and makes the process a bit easier for known models.

GitHub.com Training Yolov8 ReadMe

Please note that the Hailo Dataflow Compiler (DFC) is not yet available to Community users. We are actively working on its release and ensuring it is well-documented for easy use.

When you converted the model you can use the Tappas detection app or another example application from our GitHub repository.

GitHub.com Hailo Raspberry Pi 5 Examples

GitHub.com Hailo Application Code Examples

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