The difference FPS value with same hef file

we found that we got different FPS value according to test methods.
we used Same HW (Intel 12th CPU System) and same hef file, resnet_v1_50.hef file, for below two test.
I want to know what is the difference between two test methods.

  1. we run hailo reference bechmark with input.json file as below
    we got 1325FPS as default whenever doing several test.
    I also know that this value is similar for most of HW.
    (same with bechmark result in hailo website)
    $> hailo-integration-tool input.json

  1. we run hef file directly as below
    $> hailortcli run resnet_v1_50.hef --batch-size 1/8/16
    => FPS is lower than 1325.


It does not look like you are using the same model HEF file. Please note every model can be optimized in different ways and therefore you can have multiple HEF files for the same model that will run at different FPS.

In your second run you should see the same FPS for each run with the different batch-sizes. This leads me to believe your model was compiled to multiple contexts. Please run the following command to find out:

hailortcli parse-hef resnet_v1_50.hef

Where did you get the HEF files from? If you take the HEF from the Hailo Model Zoo the FPS should be close to the basic_model.hef.

GitHub - Hailo Model Zoo - Hailo-8 Classification

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