Running the project hailo-Application-Code-Examples

Hello Folks,
In general i wish to run inference from segformer on hailo8.
Before that, I am trying to run the python object-detection example from the Hailo-Application-Code-Examples project availble here:

My Platform is:
nuc 13 intel i7 running ubunto 22.04, with hailo8.
PCI driver for hailo is there. I can see the Hailo processor when I am typing lspci in the terminal:

57:00.0 Co-processor: Hailo Technologies Ltd. Hailo-8 AI Processor (rev 01)

I installed hailoRT with the correct version and follow all the installation process in the REDME file of the this examples project.
When I am trying to run the example I am getting the following error message:

File “/home/nuchailo1/anaconda3/envs/hailoex/lib/python3.10/site-packages/hailo_platform/pyhailort/”, line 17, in
import hailo_platform.pyhailort._pyhailort as _pyhailort
ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

The module is fails to import pyhailort which suppose to be inside the installation of the hailoRT as far as i understands.

How can I install the libhailort library separately? where it is?

I understands its missing or not installed together with the hailoRT platform.

Thanks in advanced

hey @dudibs

you have files to install :

1- HailoRT PCIe driver

2- HailoRT for the relevant arch → hailort_4.17_amd64.deb

3- after installation of the two you have to create a virtual env and install the pyHailoRT inside of it .
example :

source <virtualenv>/bin/activate && pip install ./hailort­<version>­<python_tag>­

from the error you gave , the second step is missing .
try rebooting the system then installing the HailoRT.


thanks a lot Omri.
That was really helpful.

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