OPs in Profiler


I want to know exactly about OP/s.
OP/s in profiler means ‘total operations per senconds’…

if we have 7 TOPs in profiler, this means that my model just need only 7 TOPs?
If so, we just use hailo-8L not hailo-8 because hailo-8L 13TOPs is over 7 TOPs…
This is right??
My parther who using NVIDIA GPU 4090 have one model, we tested this model and we got 7TOPs in profiler…we used 26TOPs Hailo-8 in our system for test.

I need hailo team’s advice.


The profiler will tell you, for the given model, how many operations are required per input frame. This is measured in GOPs/frame.
If you multiply this by the Frame Per Second (FPS) you would get the actual TOPS that you are using.
Like with any compute element (CPU, RAM, etc.) it’s almost impossible to use 100% of the HW reources.

thanks for your answer, but I have still questions.
yes, I understood that how we can calculate the TOPs in proflier.
I also that it’s very difficult to estimate the computing power per model like your comments.

What I want to know is how similar the TOPs within the profiler are to the actual required TOPs for customer’s target model.
For example, if my partner uses a Hailo product of 104TOPs PCIe card, and profiler has a result of 7TOPs based on partner’s model, it would be overspec to use a 104TOPs card.
I’m not sure how to explain this part clearly to partner when we recommend proper TOPs for custome’s model.

Hi @jy.han,
I think you got it pretty well. If you have only one model, and considering it’s size and FPS, results in 7TOPS, a 100+ TOP system is overkill. Usually, either you have more models, or more streams to apply your model onto, or both.

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@Nadav thanks for your confirmation !