Missing source code of tappas 3.28.2 & on customizing postproc


toying around with the rpicam-apps (yolov8 pose detection example), I found that I would like to adjust the PostProcFuncPtr filter(...) function’s behavior.

However, I seem to be unable to find the corresponding source code: The package hailo-tappas-core-3.28.2 which is shipped with the RPi AI kit indicates the version 3.28.2, which has not been uploaded to github → hailo-ai/tappas. The version 3.28.1 seems to be missing the yolov8 parts.

I have found github → hailo-ai/Hailo-Application-Code-Examples/blob/main/runtime/cpp/pose_estimation/yolov8_pose/yolov8pose_postprocess.cpp, but this looks like a forked portion of tapas on the first sight (?)

Also, that hailo-application-code-examples code seems to be full of hard coded numbers/defines. This suggests that it’s recommended to copy & paste these portions into our application code (which can, however, be tricky with the code being LGPL licensed)

This all leaves me a bit puzzled about using the sample code as a starting point for exploration.

Hey @sandro ,

Welcome to the Hailo Community.

Regarding the tappas , the version 3.29.0 is already released in github.

As for the examples , they are just a platform to build more complex things on top of them .
They are there to show correct way of using hailo api and basic apps to be used out of the box with the kit.


Hi omria,

great news about the 3.29.0 release! It’s still easy to overlook, but I do find my way now (didn’t see it in the packaged releases list, and at first overlooked the repository tag).

Your explanation of the purpose of the examples makes a lot of sense to me now as well.


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