How to install Dataflow Compiler

I want to transfer onnx to hex. But can not find Dataflow compiler pakeage downlode address.

Hey @ruige_hf

Currently its open for enterprise users , but We are working on providing DFC for the public as soon as possible.


So after all the hype and buying your product we just get the chip and a few teasers? How to use your chip for our use case?

Hey @basuroyrohan

The DFC has been released and you can find the guidelines at the developer zone.

You can create your own model and use case using the DFC.
For examples of use cases please check :

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But its only for x86 the arm option is blocked.How will it run on rpi

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Another problem is it is only available for Python 3.8, which is almost end of life. Ubuntu 24.04 currently ships with the recommended Python 3.12. Getting this compiler to work is going to be difficult.

Hey @hailo1,

The recommendation is to install the DFC inside a virtual environment. This is because we want to maintain support for previous versions of the software, and we will be adding support for newer versions of Python in the future.

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Hello @basuroyrohan,

The DFC is only available on x86 machines because it is a compiler used to create models, but it does not actually run the models. On Raspberry Pi devices, we only run the pre-compiled models and use them, we do not use the DFC compiler itself on the RPi.

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So if I have my own model in onnx format how do I convert it to the hev format that can run on the hailo?

To use your model with the Hailo platform, you must convert it using the Hailo Dataflow compiler.

The guidelines for how to do this can be found in the Hailo developer documentation:

You can also check out the following community posts for more information and best practices around using the DFC:

These resources should provide the necessary steps and information to convert your model to the Hailo Executable Format (HEF) using the DFC.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!