Availability of Data Flow Compiler on Raspberry Pi (and Python 3.11)

Hi there,

Is there a pre-built wheel for the Hailo Dataflow Compiler for the Raspberry Pi? It sort of looks like there aren’t any Python 3.11 wheels (and Bookworm has Python 3.11). It doesn’t seem to be installed by default as part of the hailo-all apt package.

As far as I can make out it’s needed to convert an existing TensorFlow models into HAR format. Which I need to do to use the Hailo module with my own models?


The DFC is compatible only for x86 machines, with 32GB of RAM.

Okay. My day-to-day Mac is running Python 3.12, and is an Arm-based machine in any case. I do have a x86 Mac kicking around I could run that on, but it’s also got Python 3.12. There isn’t a Python 3.11 or 3.12 wheel as yet? When do you expect these to be available?

I’m not sure yet. But, you can use the docker, where everything is pre-installed.

Where one can download docker file/image with pre-installed environment?