Hailo8 and Raspberry-pi 5 with network videofeed input

Hi, Is it possible to use the Hailo8 and Raspberry-pi 5 on a network videofeed?Preferably I would like to have a raspberry-pi zero with the camera streaming the video over the network and and then let my raspberry-pi 5 run the people recognizing model.


Hey @knutinge76hailo ,

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Yes, it is indeed possible to use the Hailo8L and Raspberry-pi kit for your network video feed. However, you would need to configure the video input to the appropriate channel via your Raspberry Pi and the application you’ve developed.

In essence, we can accommodate any form of video feed. The key is to adjust the inference process to suit the type of video you’re working with, such as a regular stream video or any other format.

For examples please check out :


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