Cann't use Hailo-8 with Mvtech Halcon 24.05 software

I install Hailo MVTec Halcon Plugin x86_64 (Windows) -
on Windows 11 but I use Halcon 24.05

I would like to know it’s support it ?

and I don’t see document how to install Hailo-8 for use with Halcon software . I see just a little detail

Now . I test compile example source code Hailo-8 with Halcon like this

0_gen_calib_data.hdev <<-- Can run . no problem
1_calibrate_dl_models.hdev <<- Cann’t run Error

Show error like this

Unhandled program exception:

User defined exception (‘throw’) (HDevelop error code: 21001)
while calling ‘throw’ in procedure ‘get_ai2_device’ line: 65.

User data:
[‘No suitable device found.’]

Error line 26 of Main program

get_ai2_device (‘conversion’, DefaultAI2Interface, DefaultAI2Type, DefaultAI2Precision, DLDevicesConversion)

Anybody ? Can suggest me how to use Hailo-8 with Halcon software

Thank you very much