What does each HailoRTStatusException error mean?

When I tried to run inference with HailoRT, I got an error like

hailo_platform.pyhailort._pyhailort.HailoRTStatusException: 8.

Is there any documentation where I can find a correspondence table for these numbers and the actual error details?

Hey @koki.igari,

Are you using an RPi5? It’s important to note that the Hailo platform isn’t currently supported on the RPi5, but we have exciting news - full support, including Python integration, is coming soon!

For more details and updates, check out the HailoRT User Guide in our documentation: https://hailo.ai/developer-zone/documentation/

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No, we are not using RPi5. We are using a Texas Instruments SOC connected to a Hailo-8 module.

Can you provide more details about your application and inference method?
And please provide more details about the error .

I have resolved this error . I was creating a class to wrap the inference code, but the issue was caused by the implementation where the lifetime of the VDevice object was expiring during inference.

However, in situations like this where only the error number is output, I would like to have a correspondence table between the error numbers and their descriptions to help identify the cause.

We will work with our R&D team to get a table of the error codes and their meanings. Once we have that information, we will update the community by posting it or including it in a new document that can be easily accessed.

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