Running Hailo with Picamera2


Is there anyone here that have had any luck with configuring Hailo with the Picamera2 instead of the GStreamer pipeline?
I’ve searched the forums and the repos related to Hailo to find the API’s I need to use Picamera2 instead of GStreamer (I’d rather not learn a whole new framework), but I can’t find anything at all related to how to set up hailo (please point me in the right direction if I’m missing something).

The repo mentions that they will release examples for Picamera2 “soon”. Does anybody have an update for when exactly? For all I know it could be tomorrow, or it could be within a year or two.

Hey !

Well, I’m pretty new here but if you look at the Picamera2 github you can see this example which is on a separate branch from the main.

I guess it’s still unavailable cause the python API is also unavailable, and will be available soon™ as this post mention :

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Go figure. Hopefully it’ll be released soon. Thank you for your reply!

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Raspberry Pi put out a news article yesterday - saying “Also coming soon is Python/Picamera2 integration with the Raspberry Pi AI Kit. We intend to make full support for Python and Picamera2, including demos and examples, available in our next package release.”