How to Rewrite hailo-rpi5-examples Without Using GStreamer?

Dear Sir,

I have successfully tried the hailo-rpi5-examples, and they have worked well for our needs. We are interested in using these examples in our project, but the current samples are based on GStreamer, which is not suitable for our purposes.

We would like to use picam2.capture_array() to capture image frames with the Pi camera on the Raspberry Pi system and then display the detection results using OpenCV (cv2.imshow()).

Could you please provide us with an example based on that incorporates these methods?

Thank you for your assistance.

Hey @brad.pai ,

Welcome to the Hailo Community.

If you want to use the Picam apps and edit them you can check the raspberry pi documentation in here

If you want to run the model without the gstreamer, you have the examples in here to check out : GitHub - hailo-ai/Hailo-Application-Code-Examples

Please note that the Python examples do not run on raspberry pi for now , we will release a new version with support for python API