Hailortcli fw-config read produces "Failed reading user config from device" error

The full log is:

**[HailoRT] [error] Firmware control has failed. Major status: 0x4003003b, Minor status: 0x401a0004**


**[HailoRT] [error] Firmware minor status: FIRMWARE_CONFIGS_STATUS_USER_CONFIG_NOT_LOADED**

**[HailoRT] [error] CHECK_SUCCESS_AS_EXPECTED failed with status=HAILO_FW_CONTROL_FAILURE(18)**

**[HailoRT] [error] CHECK_EXPECTED failed with status=HAILO_FW_CONTROL_FAILURE(18) - Failed to examine user config**

**[HailoRT CLI] [error] CHECK_EXPECTED_AS_STATUS failed with status=HAILO_FW_CONTROL_FAILURE(18) - Failed reading user config from device**

**Failed to execute on device: status= HAILO_FW_CONTROL_FAILURE(18)**

But hailortcli fw-control identify and inference on the device works fine.
Is that something I should be concerned ?

It is not an important error. It just means that there is no user-defined config loaded and the default config is used by the firmware. More info is available in the ‘Firmware Tools’ paragraph of the Hailo-RT user’s guide.