GPU not Detected

I am having a problem that my GPU is not detected. The following is my GPU information:

  • NVIDIA RTX A1000 Laptop GPU
  • Driver Version: 535.171.04
  • CUDA Version: 12.2

When I try to compile a model into HEF file, GPU is not detected with this error message:
“Reducing optimization level to 0 because there’s no available GPU”

But then, after I downgrade CUDA to 11.8, GPU is detected. But now I faced this error:
“Could not load library Error: cannot open shared object file: No such file or direcctory”
Seems like it required packages from CUDA 12.

So is CUDA 12 supported by Hailo? Or what is wrong here?

Hi ShinHin, currently the supported CUDA version is 11.8. We strongly suggest to use the Dockerized environment, all the packages would be already aligned :slight_smile:

I further installed CuDnn 8.9 and the error goes away, GPU successfully detected. But thanks for your advice.