DFC 3.26: When I try to optimize a model, Hailo is complaining about missing GPU

I am using DFC 3.26 and I get the message:
[warning] Reducing optimization level to 0 (the accuracy won’t be optimized and compression won’t be used) because there’s no available GPU

However there is a GPU and all the required drivers. Also when I call nvidia-smi, it shows that the GPU is being used by hailo_ai_sw_suite/hailo_venv/bin/python

The first time, I ran the DFC using ‘hailo tutorial’, it displays:
[Warning] CUDNN version should be 8.9 or higher, found 9.0.

Can it be the issue ?

Yes the version of TensorFlow 2.12 that is provided inside the DFC wheel requires cudnn 8.x and is not compatible with cudnn 9.x . Please downgrade cudnn to 8.x .