yolov5.hef with arm64 base platform, video unable play smoothly to waylandsink

Dear Hailo Support Team,

I am writing to seek your assistance in resolving an issue I am facing while using the Hailo8 and an embedded system with the GStreamer plugin.

The setup I am using is as follows:

HEF file: yolov5.hef
Input source: MP4 file with a resolution of 1280x702
FPS: Less than 15
When I execute the gst-launch command, the video playback gets stuck, and the video is unable to play through smoothly.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could please help me troubleshoot this issue. I am happy to provide any additional information or logs that might be helpful in identifying the root cause and finding a solution.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Welcome to the Hailo Community!

The first thing you can do is to remove the Hailo elements from your pipeline and run it. If it still does not play smoothly you know it not an issue with running inference on the Hailo device.

Depending on the outcome you can then investigate further. If you suspect the issue is around the Hailo device use the HailoRT CLI tools to run the model without a custom app. e.g.,

hailortcli run model.hef

This will allow you to measure the possible FPS and PCIe bandwidth required. You can compare the values with values on a different system e.g. a x86 PC.
You can also use the Hailo Integration tool to check the PCIe interface, number of lanes, generation and PCIe throughput in both directions.

In the other case you will need to look into the other GStreamer pipeline elements. Check whether there are GStreamer elements available for your platform that make use of special hardware on the SoC you are using e.g. video decoders instead of running on the CPU. Try different input sources that may be able to provide data in a format that requires fewer or easier conversion steps. e.g. USB cameras, other video formats, smaller resolution video files …
You can also replace the sink with a fakesink to check whether it is just a display issue. You will not see anything but you can measure the FPS.


This issue be closed after changing source to Webcamera.

Where we can download model.hef for arm64 platform?

The HEFs are decoupled from the host system, tied only to the Hailo HW that you use. You can download precompiled models (HEF files) from the model-zoo.