What Hailo-8 hardware reference design document to be used for chip on board design

I am designing a system with a x86/ARM SOC + Hailo-8 chip on board. The Hailo-8 will be connected to the SOC via the PCIe bus.
I am looking for the correct Hailo-8 hardware reference design document to use. There are 2 documents in the developer zone:

  • Hailo-8 PCIe Reference Design
  • Hailo-8 HW Reference Design
    Which one do you recommend to us ? What’s the difference between the two ?

Hi Victor,
The HW reference design, is the complete reference, when connecting all the interfaces that the chip has to offer, like Ethernet, PCIe, Audio, JTAG, and more. For most cases this is an “overkill” design. If you intend to connect the Hailo-8 to the hsot using the PCIe interface, the “PCIe” reference design, is a reduced document that includes only what you need for this case. I hope that this is usefull.