Need sample python code for inference


This is my first time using the Hailo8 m2 chip, and I have diligently followed all the instructions to install the software using Docker. However, I am encountering some difficulties while running the provided examples. I am seeking assistance in obtaining a sample Python code for video inference using yolo8/yolo8 hrf, specifically for detecting only humans and displaying the results on the screen using OpenCV. I require the code to include bounding boxes (in x, y, w, h format), class scores, and class IDs.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Hi @umraz.h, please check out our example repo:
Hailo-Application-Code-Examples/runtime/python at main ยท hailo-ai/Hailo-Application-Code-Examples (

Thanks, @Nadav for your assistance. I am currently experimenting with the code you provided. I will reach out if I have any further questions or require clarification.