How could i install the hailort driver into Rockchip device, such as RK3588?

Step 1: Build the Hailort Driver KO file

Navigate back to the SDK and execute the following commands to build the Hailo PCI Driver:

cd SDK/kernel/driver
git clone
# Specify the version to download
git clone --depth 1 -b v4.xx.x
# Confirm the downloaded Hailort-Driver version
git -C hailort-drivers/ log -1  # tag: v4.xx.0 

echo "obj-y       += hailort-drivers/linux/pcie/" >> Makefile
cd ../../
./ kernel

Check if hailo_pci.ko is built:

# Confirm the presence of the built file
file kernel/drivers/hailort-drivers/linux/pcie/hailo_pci.ko

Download the Hailo8 firmware:


Step 2: Prepare all necessary files

  • hailo_pci.ko (SDK/kernel/drivers/hailort-drivers/linux/pcie/hailo_pci.ko)
  • 51-hailo-udev.rules (SDK/kernel/drivers/hailort-drivers/linux/pcie/51-hailo-udev.rules)
  • hailo8_fw.4.xx.x.bin (./kernel/drivers/hailort-drivers/
  • modules.builtin (SDK/kernel/modules.builtin)
  • modules.order (SDK/kernel/modules.order)

Step 3: Push files to the device and install the driver

sudo mkdir –p /usr/lib/modules/<kernel_version>/kernel/drivers/hailo
sudo cp hailo_pci.ko /usr/lib/modules/<kernel_version>/kernel/drivers/hailo
sudo cp modules.builtin /usr/lib/modules/<kernel_version>/
sudo cp modules.order /usr/lib/modules/<kernel_version>/
sudo mkdir –p /lib/firmware/hailo
sudo mv hailo8_fw.4.xx.0.bin /lib/firmware/hailo/hailo8_fw.bin 
sudo cp 51-hailo-udev.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/
sudo depmod -a
sudo modprobe hailo_pci
sudo echo hailo_pci >> /etc/modules
sudo reboot

Note: Replace <kernel_version> with the actual kernel version on your system.