"hailo profiler" Not Showing Performance Summary

hailo profiler yolov8n_compiled_model.har

The above code failed to give “Performance Summary” as shown below:

Performance Summary
----------------------  ---
Number of Devices       1
Number of Contexts      3
Throughput              N/A
Latency                 N/A
Operations per Second   N/A
MACs per Second         N/A
Total Input Bandwidth   N/A
Total Output Bandwidth  N/A
Context Switch Configs  N/A
----------------------  ---

Why are all values showing “N/A”?
Or is there a better way to test the latency?

Hi @ShingHin.Hung, for models that were compiled to more than one context, it’s not possible to qoute accurate numbers, since it’s dependant on the hosting system.
The best option is to take the HEF and run it on your target system.

thanks for the reply @Nadav , but what does it mean by “compiled to more than one context”?

In your report you have this line:

It means that the model was broken by the compiler to 3 pieces (contexts) and at runtime the hailort will execute these sequentially.

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