Run each hef file by each device-id

is it possible to set the hailo8 chip directly for each device-id
and run each hef file in parrallel?

or is it only possible to automatically be assigned to idel chips?

Yes, you can specify the device-id when you run a network. For example when you use the HailoRT CLI

hailortcli run model.hef --device-id 0000:nn:00.0

You can get the device-id by running the scan command.

hailortcli scan

You can use the HailoRT monitor to see on which device the model runs.

In one terminal run

hailortcli monitor

In a second terminal first set the HAILO_MONITOR variable to 1 and then run you app or CLI command.

hailortcli run model.hef --device-id 0000:nn:00.0
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